Here are some questions we get a lot

  • Where are you located and where do you shoot the videos?
    • We are located in beautiful Birmingham, AL. All our videos are created here.
  • Can I be in one of your videos?
    • While we’d love to have you and we’re absolutely positive you would be amazing, due to our tight turn around time, we use a close knit bunch of actors and performers that we have hand selected for various roles throughout the season.
  • I have a hilarious sketch idea. Can I send it in to somebody?
    • Unfortunately, due to Josh and Robert’s fragile egos, we aren’t able to accept unsolicited sketch and video ideas.  Hey, you got a phone though. Go out and make that amazing idea yourself! We’d love to see it!
  • What teams do y’all root for?
    • Josh is an Alabama fan who graduated from the University of Montevallo, Robert is a 5th generation Auburn Tiger, Hannah went to Auburn but roots for Alabama, and Eric likes the New England Patriots.
  • How do y’all come up with all these ideas?
    • We wait for the football gods to bestow their bounty upon us.  Truth is, it just takes a lot of game watching and brainstorming.
  • Will you ever do Big Ten, ACC, PAC 12, Big 12, Mountain West, Conference USA shorts?
    • No.